Inspiring children to be healthier, happier and more confident through our FITkidz Academy community outreach programme.

FITkidz provides a variety of services within the community: SCHOOLS; THE ACADEMY; FITcamps; FITparentz; FITkidz After School; FITkidz Smoothie Bike Events and our online SHOP. Schooling classes will run during school hours, The Academy and FITkidz After School will run out of school hours.

"No kid is unsmart. Every kid's a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it."
– Robin Sharma

Our schooling system will initially be a funded project so that we can deliver our workshops into schools in and around the Highlands. The Academy will be a paid service, the profits of which will all go back into the charity to continue development, research, and to broaden our reach across the UK

The meaning behind FITkidz
The 7 letters that go to create the name FITkidz mean: Fitness, Imagination, Thoughts, Kindness, Inspiration, Determination, and Zest.

Our Mission Statement
To inspire and empower children to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle and tackle child obesity, mental health and self confidence issues.

''Every child should learn to love and be kind to their own beautiful, unique self''
– Amy Mullen, Founder of FITkidz