FITkidz Charity

Because schools and other council buildings are unable to support FitKidz classes at the moment, we are currently on the look out for new premises to facilitate our activities.

FITkidz Academy Charity was awarded Charitable status on the 17th March 2017
Charity number SC047245

FITkidz Academy is a dynamic new charity to educate children in the principles of physical health, exercise and nutrition through our fun and inspirational creative arts-based workshops. Our FITkidz syllabus is holistic, student-focused and imaginative in its approach and is designed to meet the physical education needs of children aged between two and twelve years. The curriculum will focus on 7 key "FITkidz fundamentals" which will be taught over the course of 7 weeks: Fitness & health,  Imagination, Trust, Kindness, Inspiration, Determination and Zest. Charity status and the ability to fundraise will enable us to deliver the benefits of our creative children's health and fitness programme to the whole community.

Our charity purposes are:
The advancement of education
The advancement of health
The advancement of the arts

Charity Trustees
Kenny Muir
Sara Pearson
Jill Templeton

FITkidz Academy is committed to equal and inclusive, in terms of both its staffing considerations, policy and its service offering to the community.  Accordingly, the trustees and management of FITkidz Academy, shall strive to ensure that the benefits of our unique educational programme are made consistently and readily available to children of all backgrounds, irrespective of their perceived nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.

HELP US FUNDRAISE AND SUPPORT FITkidz In The Community outreach programme.
All money raised directly benefits the young people of our community.


Registered Charity In Scotland (SC047245)