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How it all started for FITkidz
February 5, 2018


Writing my first blog for FITkidz – I think this is the first time that I have stopped to reflect just how far FITkidz has come since planting the seed 3.5 years ago. I am feeling EXCITED as I start to think about where my journey began and how an idea can turn into a 'dream come true.' Initially, you have a thought, an idea, but what one does with that thought is then up to that person.

' ALWAYS act upon my inspiration and take action...'
What I learnt along my journey was to ALWAYS follow my inspiration and take action – MASSIVE ACTION! I knew from that moment on that my life would be dedicated to building a children's paradise of activities to inspire them to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Through my visualisations, planning, and researching, I began to write a curriculum called FITkidz Academy. In choosing the name, it was important to me that it had a story behind it, that it represented my own life experiences. In time, I found the perfect “story” to describe the mission and my dreams: Fitness. Inspiration. Trust. Kindness. Imagination. Determination. Zest.

My passion is working with children; I feel drawn to inspiring children to smile, laugh, be joyful, and independently make good life choices. To bring this passion into the aims and objectives of FITkidz, I decided to focus on 3 key issues that are the main cause throughout childhood: Bullying, Mental Health, and Obesity.

I went on to research the effect these issues can have into adulthood if they are not dealt with positively in childhood.
Here is my favourite analysis ...

'...every child has the right to get a good start'

The first years in life are the most important; they set the basis for overall success. They are also very important for every society as this is the best chance to influence future prosperity, inclusiveness and social stability. Early childhood development is considered to be the most powerful tool to address inequities, a chance to provide opportunities to all children to develop their full potential. "Every child is needed, and every child has the right to get a good start,” declared Mrs. Tanja Radocaj, UNICEF

After digging into it, the question before me was clear – what could FITkidz do to help children learn visually, creatively, and imaginatively about the cause and effect of leading a positive, healthy, life? In response, I developed learning strategies that were fun, creative, and interactive, focusing on these 3 key areas without focusing on the words themselves.

'Our children are our future generation...'

Our children are our future generation. FITkidz believes that instilling good, healthy thoughts, kindness, mindfulness, self-belief, self-love, resilience, nutrition, and exercises as daily rituals can massively impact a child's health and happiness, preparing children for challenges they will face in later life.

As a brand-new charity, we are currently looking to run a pilot program with our team of experts in a local school to establish our curriculum. We also require support and sponsorship to continue to develop our services and classes into the community.

The FITkidz curriculum will educate children about health, nutrition, and life skills that will inspire them to make happier, healthier life choices. By engaging kids with fun interactive and creative play, we can create lasting change that will result in healthier, happier kids everywhere!

My dream is to inspire children to have a dream even if it's pretend, made up, real whatever it is ... everyone should have a dream it's what keeps our spark and burning desires alive. Dreams should be encouraged and supported because dreams DO come true!

I'm thankful for all my experiences in my life both positive and negative because it's what lead down the path to creating FITkidz.

'If you can dream it, you can do it!' – Walt Disney

With love and gratitude

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