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How it all started for FITkidz
February 5, 2018

How my son inspired me to create a FITkidz Studio at home

TOGETHER our mission is to inspire children, parents, and families to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

I lost confidence in myself and my ability to care for my son, to be a good mother. I was running day-to-day life through fear and anxiety, eager to JUST GET THROUGH my day. I knew there was more to life than a constant daily struggle to be a good mum, run my own business, and be a single parent, BUT I didn’t know how to do it. I kept asking myself: how can I get out of this roller-coaster rut? The feelings of rejection, failure, and not being accepted were my biggest FEAR. Through my journey, I realised that only I could change this, nobody else. Years of self-doubt and self-sabotage, of not reaching my goals, FINALLY led me to STAND UP TO MY FEAR, to face it straight on and say, “I CAN DO THIS.” I needed to accept myself, I needed to love myself unconditionally, and I needed to learn that only my approval mattered, nobody else’s. Before that, I believed that thinking of ME, MYSELF AND I was a selfish outlook. But if there is an emergency when you are on a flight, who is the first person you protect? They always say you must first put on your own oxygen mask so that you are well enough to help others. I realized that I have to look after my own health so that I am well enough give my best to my son. That’s the only way for me to be a good mum for the long-term.

During this time, I began to consider new ways to pass on my passions while using my talents for physical fitness and motivating others. I had often thought of all the things I wanted my son to get from his activities – Rio takes part in many sports activities, but I wanted something for him that covered health, mind, and body, as well as physical activity, something that would help him to bring out the best in himself, whatever his interests may be. Because of my own experiences, I want him to learn about all the things I didn't know and wish I had known before I left school, learning in a way that is FUN, CREATIVE AND IMAGINATIVE

'...inspiring children to love who they are, just the way they are...'

It was then that I decided to create my own academy…creating something both for me and for my son. It needed to come from the heart and be something about which I am truly passionate: inspiring children to love who they are, just the way they are. This simple concept is so, so important to self-esteem and confidence. Making it my central mission, I have used all of my skills in theatre, performing, fitness, and teaching to guide me to build something bigger, something with meaning and passion for kids.

And so FITkidz Academy was born! Rio became my BIGGEST fan and inspiration for getting my business off the ground. Together we have BIG plans and GOALS. We post daily on Instagram because we want to share our excitement for what we are doing. We love what we do and working from the heart feels much better than working from the ego.


One of our favourite Instagram posts that we would like to share .... 
FITkidz Academy
3 months ago, my son, Rio, turned his nose up at my healthier option breakfast (porridge, chopped banana, honey, and cinnamon). This brought me back to how uneducated I was when I left school. I had no idea how to make a healthy meal, not even where to start! The thought of cooking a meal from scratch scared the living days out of me. How things have changed now! I believe our greatest gift in life is health, and part of that is cooking meals from fresh ingredients. I wanted Rio to grow up with a confidence in the kitchen I never had, learning the basics about cooking & nutrition. An idea sparked within me to create a FITkidz Studio Kitchen in my house, which would allow Rio & me to inspire other children and families to cook together, to bond throughout the process, and – most importantly – to show others that cooking and looking after your health can be FUN.

Now, since FITkidz has become a massive part of our life, we make healthier choices together. Even food shopping has become a fun activity to do together! Rio is involved every step of the way. Every morning, Rio is in his kitchen making his own special recipes, along with doing daily fitness challenges (anything goes, just make it fun, like having a little flour fight along the way). Because of these small changes, he has gained incredible self-belief. THIS MORNING WAS GREAT PROGRESS ... Rio made his OWN breakfast, and guess what he made? Porridge, banana, honey, and cinnamon!! He turned up face into I WILL TRY!!! Rio made this off his own back and I am so proud of my FITkid in training that I had to share it. A super proud mama post!

After many challenges in life leading me to the epiphany that personal growth is achieved from within, and in turn to devising the FITkid Academy, my greatest reward is seeing how, by making my son a part of it, our lives together have already improved. This is just the start of our journey and I am very grateful that, in sharing this with my son and including him in the process, we are together creating lasting positive changes for our family. We also want to inspire single mums like me, to support them in the knowledge that, even when times are challenging, we will always have our children and we can all have good health!

With love and gratitude

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